Home Loans & Refinance

We offer a wide selection of products and solutions across a range of lending scenarios:

First Home Buyers

Melbourne Home Lending aims to make your first home purchase an exciting experience by taking away the stress that comes with purchasing your first home. We offer the following services to you:

  • Find the right loan for you by comparing 100s of products in the market and matching the suitable products according to your needs and objectives.
  • Calculate your real borrowing power using latest calculators and in line with lenders’ policies.
  • Obtain pre-approval for you so that you can make purchase offer confidently.
  • Assist you with application forms and documentary requirements.
  • Follow up with lender and obtain final approval. We will keep you informed in every step of the way.
  • Liaise with lender, real estate agent and conveyancer for a smooth transition to owning your first home.
  • Follow up with you after settlement to ensure your loan continues to meet your personal objectives.

In order for us to provide the most comprehensive service, we ask that you plan ahead and contact us as soon as you start thinking about purchasing your fist home. As preparation is the key, early engagement will make this process quick and hassle-free.

Next Home Buyers

As part of our objective to help Australian families fulfil their financial dream, we want you to tell us ‘Where you would like to be in 10- 15 years?’ We ask you this question the very first time we meet you so that we can tailor the product that fits your long term objectives.

There may be circumstances that require you to sell your home and purchase a new home in a different location. Change in career, school and retirement are some of the most common reasons for purchasing next home. You may be simply looking to upsize your house.

If you are looking to upgrade or sell your existing home to purchase another one, Melbourne Home Lending will assist you with organising ‘bridging’ loan or ‘portability’ facilities. We will assist with valuation, equity access, calculate your borrowing and loan application. Again, we ask that you contact us as soon as you start thinking about purchasing your second home.

Investment loan

Melbourne Home Lending will assist you with the right loan product that fits your investment objectives. It may be a low interest rate loan and/or a loan feature such as interest only/fixed rate/line of credit. We will assist with the loan application, budgeting, approval and referral to conveyancer, tax agent and quantity surveyor if necessary. We will explain the associated cost to obtain a loan and the ongoing cost of a loan product we recommend so that there is no surprise for you.


Access to equity in your existing mortgage is a cost effective way to re-invest, purchase additional property, buy a new card, pay for children’s education or simply take that dream holiday trip. Other common purposes for refinance include better interest rate, debt consolidation or flexible features in home loan.

You accumulate equity in your home by repaying the home loan over time. Concurrently, the value of your home goes upward in favourable market condition. Borrowing from this additional value means you are borrowing at your home loan rate rather than the credit card or personal loan rate that is usually 3 times more than your home loan rate.

There are, however, some costs associated with refinance. If not careful, you could end up paying more that what you receive over a long period of time.

Whatever your purpose is, Melbourne Home Lending can help you find the best way to minimise the cost of refinance, yet enjoy the benefit of accessing your equity.

You can email the us to info@melbournehomeleding.com.au  or call at 0401 132 810 and we will get back to you.