Loan Process

We strongly suggest that you get in touch with us as soon as you start considering your property purchase or refinance. As mortgage consultant, we can assist you with the right advice that could save you time and money. For example, if you are going to borrow m

Initial Contact:

You can call us, send us an email or request a call back through the website.

When you contact us, we will ask you some basic questions so that we can prepare for our first meeting. We may offer an immediate call back (within an hour) allowing time for you to gather necessary information for a ‘Fact Check’. We will set an appointment at a time and place of your choice where we will gather the facts on your objectives and overall financial circumstances. Alternatively, you may complete the Fact Find form before this appointment so that we are another step ahead.

Generally, you will receive an email with our Credit Guide, Privacy Notice and a link to request your credit file online from the credit Bureau.

First Appointment:

Based on the information we collect, we will do the research and consider your eligibility for a loan against suitable products that meet your lending objectives. We will present your loan options to you once all necessary information is available.

Please note, it is a requirement under National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) laws that we meet face to face or over video chat at least once.

Credit Quote:

We will not just leave you with the options. We will explain the products that suit your objectives and financial circumstances and recommend the most suitable one among the options. Once you decide on a loan to proceed with, we will give you a written ‘Credit Quote’ on the features and anticipated cost of the loan product.

Identity Confirmation:

Before we proceed with an application, it is a legal requirement that all applicants and guarantors for the loan meet the identity verification requirement under the Anti- Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Act. Some lenders also require the applicants to attend a branch to complete this process unless you are an existing client of that lender.

Application and Documentations:

You will need to provide supporting documents for your application before the application is submitted. We will complete the application and submit on your behalf.


Once your application has been submitted, lender will do an initial assessment and provide pre-approval if you require, subject to certain conditions that needs to be satisfied before final approval. Pre-approvals are valid for 30-90 days. This allows you to submit any outstanding documents required by lender, such as valuation/contract/additional documents.

Final Approval:

Once the pre-approval conditions are met, lender will give final approval. Following the final approval, loan documents will be sent to your home or a nominated branch for signature, witnessing and return to lender.


Your conveyance will book a settlement date in conjunction with your lender. Once settlement takes place, your conveyance will advise you of this immediately. From this moment, the property is yours.

Follow Up:

We will keep you informed in every stage of the above processes. We will continue to follow up with you after settlement to ensure that your loan serves towards your financial objectives. If at any stage, you need to refinance or borrow additional funds, we will be happy to assist. This is how we serve as your personal Mortgage Consultant.